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Chez Billy a Neighborhood Parisian Bistro Introduces New Bar Menu

Chez Billy recently introduced a new bar menu line up available all day every day at every open bar. While the offerings are a little limited, the menu has some great gems that we absolutely loved. And since you can still order from their regular menu at the bar (and hopefully you already know by now how much we love their food), we don’t find the size disappointing.

Bar goers can expect small yet delicious snacks like a glass jar of Honey Roasted Almonds with Piment D’Espelette ($4), Marinated Cerignola, Picholine, and Kalamata Olives with Aged Sherry Vinegar ($5), and a beautiful Plat De Fromage with Walnut Raisin Toast and Wildflower Honey ($8).

However if you’re seeking a little more sustenance while downing any one – or many – of the great drinks Chez Billy offers, then we suggest going with the Oeufs Mimosa (deviled eggs with capers, boquerones, shallot pickle). For a measly $4 these deviled eggs are possibly quite like nothing you’ve ever seen or eaten before.

If you’re feeling less snack-ish and more bar meal-ish, then definitely opt for the “Royal with cheese” (6 oz. natural beef burger, gruyere cheese, bread & butter pickles, smoked bacon, special sauce on a sesame seed bun with pommes frites or mixed greens. Who doesn’t love a good burger with their beer? The burger is juicy and we loved the cheese choice and the sweeter pickle versus the sour/dill options. The fries, a perfect golden brown, are crispy but cut thin enough to still maintain some sense of delicacy.

If you happen to be in the Petworth neighborhood and looking for a great restaurant and bar, make sure you give Chezy Billy a shot. There’s nothing better than enjoying one of their cocktails in front of the downstairs fire place while nomming on some good snacks and talking away the evening. The atmosphere is fantastic, cozy, and welcoming and we think the staff is just as friendly as can be. Definitely one of our favorite spots in the area that we’ll keep coming back to, both for dinner or just for the bar.

 Chez Billy
3815 Georgia Ave. NW
Washington D.C. 20011
(202) 506-2080

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