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Cuba Libre Restaurant and Rum Bar Celebrates National Ceviche Day with 3-Ceviche Flight Special

Did you know there is such a thing as “National Ceviche Day”? Yeah, we didn’t either. SURPRISE! Thankfully Cuba Libre knows what’s what and prepared for guests a flight special of three ceviches available through June 29. The official National Ceviche Day is June 28.

Guests can sample the creations of James Beard Award winning Chef Guillermo Pernot for a mere $12. The Ceviche Flight includes Shrimp (Cuban style shrimp cocktail with Latino coctel and avacado salsa), Mixto (Lightly poached shrimp, Baja Bay scallops and squid. Fresh coconut water, chiles, citrus, Thai basil and cucumber salsa with coconut chips.) and the new Mushroom (a trio of seasonal wild mushrooms marinated in citrus, blackened chiles and tomatoes with tropical chips). All three ceviches are available individually on the menu priced $7.50 to $11.50.

One can’t live on ceviche alone, and a rum bar wouldn’t be a rum bar without…say it with us… rum. Good job. You all get a gold star for the day. Cuba Libre boasts a rum menu of more than 80 varieties. The mojitos, a house specialty, are made from guarapo (sugar cane juice pressed daily in-house), fresh lime juice, a splash of soda and hierba buena. And, flavors can be added to any mojito to customize it to your liking. We opted for the Pyrat XO (Pyrat XO Rum, hierba buena, guarapo, fresh lime juice, splash of soda) with pomegranate flavor. We’ve known for awhile now that Cuba Libre makes a mean drink when we stopped in during the DC Marti Party in March. Margarita to mojito, you can’t go wrong.

We live by the motto, “Never waste an opportunity to have dessert.” We also live by the motto, “Never commit alcohol abuse by spilling or leaving your drink unfinished.” So, take that for what you will. We can proudly say we “walked the walk” at Cuba Libre and ate our way through the gorgeous Torta de Queso Crema (Tahitian vanilla cheesecake: Toasted pecan crust, Mixed berry compote & Chocolate-almond salad) while we finished up our mojito.

As a quick recap, the ceviche flight special ends on the 29th (although we kinda wish it was available permanently). We think it’s also a great excuse to get your rum on this weekend, because… rum. And remember kids, there’s ALWAYS room for dessert.

*Call or ask your server about Cuba Libre’s Mojito and Ceviche interactive class coming up on August 6 and 7 priced at $49 per person.

 Cuba Libre
801 9th St. NW
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 408-1600

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23 thoughts on “Cuba Libre Restaurant and Rum Bar Celebrates National Ceviche Day with 3-Ceviche Flight Special

  1. We have a Cuba Libre in Philadelphia. i wonder if it is the same? It’s a fabulous restaurant and we’ve been there several times.

  2. I’m not familiar with the restaurant but sounds fabulous I love ceviche sadly no fish for me for another 2 months

  3. Looks like an interesting menu selection:) Ive never had any cuban food and Im not real sure on squid 😮 Im glad you enjoyed it have a plate for me:)

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