Dolcezza to Open New Gelato Factory & Coffee “Lab” Spring 2014

Since 2004 Dolcezza has been making their artisinal gelato underneath their Georgetown store location. Nearly 10 years later Dolcezza has 4 store locations in the D.C. metro area, sells their goods at 3 farmers markets, and supplies their stock to 8 Whole Foods locations. Needless to say, Dolcezza was due for an upgraded space so they could continue churning out their delicious gelatos and sorbettos without the drawback of cramped production space.

Owners Violeta Edelman and Robb Duncan recently acquired a 4,000 square/foot facility near Union Market where Dolcezza is moving their production in addition to the Stumptown Roasters Coffee “Lab”. Dolcezza’s coffee is exclusively provided by Stumptown. Part of the factory will be open to the public with a seating space for up to 30 individuals. Guests are invited to come in for gelato tasting in the Dolcezza tasting room. Without needing to go through the tempering process before transport and storage, the gelato at Dolcezza’s factory is as fresh as you can get served in real glassware, making the gelato tasting at the factory quite special and unique.

The Stumptown Roasters’ Coffee “Lab” is where baristas will have the chance to experiment with different coffee brewing methods, including drip brewing with the single piece, hour glass, non-porous borosilicate Chemex brewer.

We fell in love with Dolcezza after our first visit, and are excited for the delayed opening of their factory this Spring. The spacious, airy building features floor to ceiling windows, beautifully laid decorative tile behind the coffee counter, and 144 wooden produce crates turned into a creatively, eye-catching gigantic sign. You can’t help but notice it. You’ll even find two green distressed wooden cabinets decorating the interior from Hershey’s Chocolate Factory. However, if you just can’t wait (because really, who can?), head to the factory Saturday, December 7th between 2pm and 6pm for a sneak preview of what they’ll be offering at their newest location. Come in for samples of their Smoked Bacon Gelato and treat your coffee loving taste buds while enjoying some of that strong, aromatic Stumptown coffee.

 Dolcezza Gelato Factory
500 Penn St. NE
Washington, DC 20002

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