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In the Kitchen with Fadó Irish Pub: Seasonal Dishes and Drinks

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A good Irish Pub is a must-have for those times when you’re craving a pint of Guinness and hearty fare. There’s nothing quite like a satisfying plate of Shepherd’s Pie and Fish & Chips washed down with a rich stout — or three — to warm the stomach and the soul and to tap into one of America’s richest cultural heritages. Although once a rough around the edges sort of place where traditionally corporate CEOs and street bums drank together in a queerly democratic spirit of imbibing, and where the stern bartenders might break into song or ribald stories, today’s Irish Pubs have gone upscale, and a truly Irish pub is difficult to find.

Fadó Irish Pub combines friendliness, humor, hospitality, fine Irish food and drink to create “The Irish Pub experience” for those who may have lost their Irish roots along the way, as well as those for who enjoy a thriving yet cozy atmosphere comprised of good music, friendly banter, warm hospitality, all encapsulated by decorative painted artworks from floor to ceiling.

While Fadó caters to the pub goers, their menu moves beyond the typical fried foods one generally finds at a bar, and allows diners and drinkers alike the opportunity to sit down and nosh on varieties of Boxty (savory potato pancakes cooked on a griddle), as well as salads, soups, sandwiches and desserts. Now that autumn has found its way to the District, Fadó is offering new seasonal dishes, and drinks that include Widmer Okto Festival Ale, and the Fadό Jameson and Ginger: made with Crabbies Ginger Beer. And, while we’re always down for an awesome craft beer or wickedly good cocktail, we thought the new seasonal dishes were certainly worth taking note of:

If you’re watching your wallet but need a little snack while pounding that Guinness and watching Irish sports, the Salt Baked Pretzel is an affordable option. However, it’s the house-made Guinness mustard served alongside that is most noteworthy. It’s strong, a little sweet, and provides a varying texture without the over powering mustard flavor of a Dijon variety. It’s dip-able and lick-the-trough delectable.

Fadó took the, “Must pumpkin all the things” route by introducing Pumpkin Spice Wings to their menu. Even if you abhor the thought of pumpkin in anything other than pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, these are a must-eat. No, that’s not an exaggeration. Large wings that are more meat than bone glazed in a mostly sweet yet perfectly spicy pumpkin glaze are sure to get your beak a-snappin’.

To compliment the Pumpkin Spice Wings, Fadó is now serving up a Roast Turkey Flatbread sandwich served with a side of their Soup of the Day. Definitely one of their lighter menu options that combines pretty much every food group that your doctors tell you that matter. Layered with cranberry relish, apple and sausage stuffing, and topped with arugula, the sandwich is at the very least a polite nod to Thanksgiving culinary traditions that won’t put you in a turkey coma. Face it. If you fall asleep at the bar, especially an Irish bar,  you’ll never live it down.

It’s fair to say that some appetites are larger than others, and the Pork Schnitzel Sandwich definitely caters to those who, well… can eat their face off. Made with pounded pork that is then breaded and fried topped with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and honey mustard dressing all served on a pretzel roll, and then served with a side of your choice, (Get the fries.) there should be no reason for one to leave hungry. However if you are, we suggest dessert and another beer.

If you enjoy crispy fried goodness surrounding soft delicious awesomeness (Who doesn’t?) then make sure to order the Fried Apple Fritters with Magners Glaze. The fritters, approximately the size of a generous doughnut hole, come served hot and dusted with powdered sugar. And, while they’re sweet and delicious all on their own, a dip in the Magners Glaze will send your taste buds reeling with a one way ticket into heaven for the sole purpose of thanking Johnny Appleseed for spreading apples around America.

Outside of Fadó’s new specials we found several menu items that we’ll be going back to try including the Bleu Cheese Lamb Sliders, Slow Roasted Pork Belly, Guinness BBQ Wings, and their chocolate Brownie with Guinness Ice Cream. We loved the atmosphere and the food, and are pretty sure we found a replacement for the Irish Pub we frequented while living in Maine. Yay for Fadó!

“May the lilt of Irish laughter lighten every load. May the mist of Irish magic shorten every road… And may all your friends remember all the favours you are owed!” ~ Irish Toast

Fadó Irish Pub
808 7th Street
Washington, DC 20001

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4 thoughts on “In the Kitchen with Fadó Irish Pub: Seasonal Dishes and Drinks

  1. I am certainly one who can EAT MY FACE OFF! I’d love some of those pumpkin spice wings right now, and schnizle sandwitch, dont mind if I do. Beautiful pics, they make me hungry!

  2. Oh I love Irish pubs! That roast turkey flatbread sounds delicious. I’ll have to keep this in mind tne next time I’m in town! 🙂

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