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In The Kitchen With TKO Burger: Pound-For-Pound In The Burger Ring

Step aside burger joints, there is a new prince in town, and he is a knock-out. Lance London’s TKO Burger, located on  Rhode Island Row, is a boxing themed restaurant that is nestled next to his southern-themed Carolina Kitchen. Although TKO Burger is considered a “fast causal” restaurant, the interior of the place will take you straight into a boxing ring. As you enter, the opening aisle is flanked with photos and paintings of boxing legends, Floyd Mayweather JR, Sugar Ray Robinson, and Joe Louis, to name a few. Your eyes naturally shift over to the plethora of other boxing memorabilia: a worn in speed bag hangs above a booth, a black and white image of Muhammad Ali on the wall, a wall laced up like a boxing glove in the corner. Once you decide to make it to the counter, the real battle begins, what do I order?

  • Thanks to the extremely helpful staff, we navigated the menu with ease.  Our first round was the fan favorite Mac & Cheese Burger , with CK’s famous homemade mac n cheese, bacon and American cheese with TKO sauce. We are not sure what the sauce entail, as it did have a little bit of a spicy kick to it, however, we are pretty sure that the sauce was really pulled this entire sandwich together. That or it may have been the toasted brioche bun. Or maybe it was the crispy bacon? Or maybe we did not even fully realize until we sat in awe of its tasty delicious glory. Not to be out done, we paired this burger with a side of Fried Okra. I am no okra connoisseur; it was lovely addition to our burger.’


  • Our next stop was The Southern Fried Green Tomato Burger, with a side of Eggplant Fries.  We cannot emphasize the magical combination of the two. The fried green tomato was a refreshing in contrast to the flavorful burger. We wish we could report something more about the eggplant fries, because as we grappled over who would eat the last one, we came to a realization that we think that all the best things in life are often fried.


  • Not in the mood for beef? No worries, TKO Burger has a plethora of other burgers for you to devour,  we chose our final opponent of the night, the Salmon Burger, which was stacked with freshly ground salmon capers topped with grilled asparagus, and a zesty tartar sauce. To be fair, this is much more a sandwich than a burger, however, we thought it was a fabulous alternative to the heavier beef burgers. Be forewarned caper haters, the after taste hangs long after you ate this fresh and light sandwich. What really stole the show were the Sweet Potato Tots. They truly should be put into the category of “Dessert” rather than “Sides”, as these warm buttery tots where sprinkled with cinnamon and topped with a dollop of whipped cream. If you were looking for more traditional “fries”, we recommend you ordering the Sweet Potato Fries, however, these Tots were an amazing way to end our meal.  Who knew you could buy a little of mouthwatering heaven for just $4.00 at TKO?


All boxing puns aside, as more and more TKO Burger’s plan to open up in the DMV area, we expect this place to be a big hit.

TKO Burger
2350 Washington PL NE
Washington, DC 20018

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6 thoughts on “In The Kitchen With TKO Burger: Pound-For-Pound In The Burger Ring

  1. Went the next day after the grand opening & had to wait 40 minutes for a burger. Completely dissatisfied with the service. The manager took an additional 15 min. to hear my complaint & return my money back. The same people that run this place also run the Carolina Kitchen next door & I’ve seen the management go back & forth to both as well as some of the employees. Terrible service, beware!

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