iPic Theaters Opens in North Bethesda: Affordable Luxury Movie Theater Experience

Let’s start out  by stating the obvious. I love the movies. It gives me a great excuse to sit, stuff my face with popcorn, and watch (hopefully) an inspiring film.

iPic Theaters is becoming the fastest growing affordable luxury movie theater experience, completely changing the way you sit, watch movies, and most importantly, stuff your face. The Premium Plus Seating, that runs around $21.00 dollars per seat, comes with the best location within the theater as well as unlimited popcorn. The seats fully recline and movie-goers are provide with a blanket and pillow, just in case you were not relaxed enough. With the Premium service, you have access to an Ipad that connects you to drinks and food, delivered by the “ninjas” that deliver the food without disturbing your movie viewing experience.

I was surprised by the incredible quality of the cocktails. Made with market-fresh, seasonal ingredients by the award-winning mixologist and master sommelier Adam Seger, these drinks packed a punch. From the classic margarita, to the strawberry lemonade, I wondered to myself why I did not realize the value of watching a movie with a cocktail in my hand.

Food wise, we sampled practically everything from the Margarita Pizza to the Maine Lobster Roll to the Rice Krispy Marshmallow ice cream concoction . The Margarita pizza was served slightly cold, however the crust proved to be fabulously crispy. The Lobster Roll was simple in its execution – no frills, just lobster, mayo on a fresh bun. But as the old adage says, simple is at times best. While we were not particularly floored by the food, (neither outstandingly great or bad, more of a resounding meh), we did find that the overall experience of iPic Theaters to be well worth the trip. The seats, the service, even the facility itself, paired with a great cocktail, would bring me back again.

* Photo courtesy: Eduardo Chacon and Dylan Jeni

iPic Theaters
11580 Old Georgetown Road
North Bethesda, MD 20852
( 301)231-2300

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  1. Oh my gosh, this place looks incredible. I wouldn’t mind paying movie prices if I got to see it at a place like this. So much more comfortable than the stiff chairs and better than stale popcorn.

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