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Satellite Room: Who Needs Salad When There’s Tots

This past April, Satellite Room began serving brunch with a slew of new plates and boozy milkshakes. Sadly one of our favorite dishes – the fried chicken biscuit sandwich – didn’t remain on the menu, and neither did the Marilyn Monroe Milkshake. *sad face* Now, Satellite Room has a consolidated all day menu (yup, that means you can get breakfast whenever you want – and we’re eyeing the Deep Fried French Toast), with a few extra brunch options available only on the weekends, and four new sandwiches: the Croque MonsieurFried Buffalo Chicken, Tuna Melt and Reuben.

But, it’s the new burgers and loaded tots that are taking front seat on our latest trip out to U Street. New burgers include the Henry Rollins (poutine burger topped with fries, gravy, cheese curd), the Chuck Brown (roasted poblano, chipotle aioli, avocado, pepperjack), and our hands down favorite the Ian MacKaye (banh-mi burger, chicken liver mousse, pickled daikon & carrot, cilantro aioli). The best part, add egg to the MacKaye for an extra buck and you’ve got yourself a solid lunch, dinner, brunch, or hearty breakfast. Of course you can substitute your tots for a salad along with fries or sweet potato fries, but really… who needs salad when there’s tots?

Speaking of tots, we always thought we were weird for putting maple syrup on our tots, or hash brown patties instead of the staple ketchup. (We reserve that for our scrambled eggs.) Apparently Satellite Room shares our weirdness. Now offering up breakfast-y Bacon Syrup tots, Satellite Room also boasts another five selections of loaded tots including Chili Cheese (what we think is probably a classic as far as potato and cheese combinations go), and Old Bay. Now we just need someone to participate with us in our weird fondness for dipping french fries in ice cream. Perhaps french fries dipped in boozy milkshakes?!

*Interior Satellite Room Photo by Emily Clack

Satellite Room
2047 9th St. NW
Washington D.C. 20001

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