Zaytinya to Celebrate Grape Harvest Season with 4th Annual Grape Festival

James Beard Award-winning Chef José Andrés always seems to have some sort of celebration going on for his many patrons, and that’s one of the reasons why we love his restaurants so much. Last April Andrés put together a fun 2-week celebration at Zaytinya for their Greek Easter Festival including special dishes and drinks, music, events, and a traditional Agorá Greek Market on the patio showcasing local vendors. Now, the fall grape harvest season is upon us, and it’s yet another reason to celebrate.

Lead by Head Chef Michael Costa, Zaytinya’s Grape Festival will kick off on September 15 and run through September 28. Guests can expect to find six new dishes and a dessert on the menu highlighting the grape including Mutancene (Border Spring Farm lamb shank braised with raisins, almonds and dried plums), Squash Dolmades (grape leaves stuffed with short grain rice, raisins, and local fall squash), Bronzino Marinato (sashimi grade Mediterranean sea bass, nasturtium leaves and flowers, and green grape juice). We definitely suggest the Mutancene and the Bronzino Marinato – our two favorite dishes out of the new offerings. The featured drink for the duration of the festival is Heard it Through the Grape Pine (Lillet Blonde, retsina and garnished with a green grape juice ice cube), a light and refreshing cocktail. For those looking for a virgin drink, Zaytinya will have a house made grape soda available as well.

Zaytinya will host the Grape Harvest Patio Party on September 20 for $10. Cost includes the opportunity to stomp grapes, have a glass of wine, snacks, and listen to live music from 12pm-4pm.

And finally, for those who prefer a more cohesive dining experience, on September 23 Zaytinya will host a wine dinner with Champagne House Billecart – Salmon featuring four of the house champagnes pared with dishes by Costa. Cost of the dinner is $100 per person. Dinner begins at 7pm. To make reservations, email

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  1. Lois: I remember that episode too!

    Robin: Totally agree, it would be wonderful taking some frustrations out on some unsuspecting grapes.

    I have never been to a grape harvest but I would love a glass of that wine!

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